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What to Wear

What to Wear


When planning for gorilla trek in Uganda, you have to package wisely starting with the essential clothing you need to wear for your while trip. For a successful gorilla holiday, the following clothes are worthy packing so that you can enjoy your gorilla safari.

Hiking boots

Trekking to see mountain gorillas entirely takes you through a hike in the dense rain forests and high elevation in Mgahinga National Park. These are the same shoes you need for hiking in the Volcanoes National Park-northwestern Rwanda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda and the Virunga National Park in DR Congo. And given the kind of habitat where these creatures thrive, if you wish to be part of this thrilling experience then you need good hiking boots that are waterproof, light weight for you to hike smoothly through some areas with mud or steep slopes.

Garden gloves

While in the forest searching for a group of mountain gorillas, different things occur and the fact that this adventure takes you through thick rainforest of Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo, gardening gloves a must to have items. They are good the fact that they help safeguard your hands in case you fall and you want to grab the nearby plants or trees that perhaps have thorns or can itch and cause harm to you.

Rain jacket

Based on the nature of gorilla habitat, expect rains at any time of the day and a rain jacket or poncho should be a must gear for you to get protected from down pour. For most tourists, the dry season (June-September and December to February) normally features as more favorable and few prefer traveling during the wet season but like already explained, the kind of gorilla habitat rains can come at any time of day which means a poncho or rain jacket should be a must on your list.

Long sleeved shirt/blouse/t-shirt/trousers/long pants

Mountain gorilla trekking takes you through dense montane forest to look out for these most magical creatures in their natural habitat and this requires you to be on long sleeved shirts/t-shirt/trouser. These items are significant the fact they help protect you from biting insects or falling tree branches. Also, you need environmentally friendly attire serves best for this adventure and avoid as much as possible the bright colors.

Long socks

Prior setting off for the actual trek, the park guide/official will remind you to tuck-in your trouser into the socks. This is to help protect you from biting ants, stinging insects.

Day pack

You also need a day pack that is waterproof to help you keep your documents, luggage safe from rain.

However, you also need to have anti-malarial tablets, first aid kit, hat, sun glasses, pair of binoculars, walking stick and this can be got at the park headquarters/lodge, money belt, toiletries as well as insect repellent to help protect you from insect bite, camera for photo taking and make sure that your camera has no flash light and if it does, then make sure that it is turned off before you start taking pictures of these lovely creatures and do not forget to come with additional batteries; water and energy giving snacks-the fact that this is a strenuous adventure, you will need to boost energy so as to make a complete hike. Therefore you need adequate water and snacks. You shouldn’t also forget your gorilla permit and passport as you will be asked to present them at the park headquarters for clarification. Permits can be obtained at $600 if you are to track gorillas in Uganda, $1500 in Rwanda and $400 if you are heading off to DR Congo.

In conclusion, gorilla trekking is an exceptional primate adventure that requires you not to be physically prepared but also pack appropriately.