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Garama Cave

The Garama cave is one of the key attractions that should not be missed while visiting Mgahinga National park. These caves used to be a home for the Batwa who had lived there for many years until they were recently resettled. The 342m long Garama Cave lies beneath a plateu northern edge of the park, 3km from Ntebeko. It is set in the former farmland zone but in earlier times, the cave lied in the forest when it was occupied periodically by Batwa who used it as a council chamber and a retreat after raiding their neighbours.

Quick Facts

  • The Garama cave is 342 meters long and 14 meters deep
  • Several years ago, this cave was inhabited by the pygmy Batwa people whose warriors attacked their neighboring communities,  but today it is inhabited by bats.
  • From the park headquarters to this cave entrance, is just 3km, and the guide will recount to you how these Batwa survived and even made attacks basing from this cave.

Today the cave provides an atmospheric a performance of Batwa music at the end of the Batwa Trail.This is one of the caves where once the crafty Batwa (who were warriors) lived and fought their neighbors, the Bantu. The distance to the cave entrance from the park headquarters is 3 km long and it takes about 4 hours.

Guided Walks

On a guided walk, your guide will show you how the Batwa lived and fought out of the cave. The cave is 342m in length and 14m deep, and is now inhabited only by bats. There is a viewing platform 800m from the Park’s gate. On arriving at it, you’ll be rewarded with splendid views of the Park as well as its surrounding. This activity is free of charge and does not need a guide. Additional information regarding this spot can be obtained from the display panels found at the hill-point.