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Tours and Tour Operators

There are several tour operators who offer gorilla tours to Mgahinga National Park. Most of the following tour operators provide tours into Mgahinga National Park as well as other national parks where the mountain gorillas can be seen.

Looking for a gorilla trekking adventure to Uganda, Rwanda or Congo? There are more than 100 tour companies operating in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo offering great deals on gorilla viewing programs. Tour packages vary from FIT programs to Escorted Groups and self drive trips. The type of tours offered range widely from day trips to gorilla safaris featuring wildlife viewing within multiple countries.

Featured Tour Operators

Go Gorilla Trekking – Go on an unforgettable gorilla trek and hiking vacation in Mgahinga National Park. We have lots of tours that fits nearly anyone who loves to gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking and hiking in world-renowned Virunga Mountains, breathtaking landscapes.

Gorilla Encounters – Experience the Beauty and Wonder that Mgahinga National Park has to offer!! Join us for a life changing tour in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Safaris Uganda – Experience memorable safaris in Uganda with Experience Africa Safaris. Book gorilla trekking tours in Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. We tailor make all trips to suit your needs and interests.

Tour Operators

Below are some of the recommended tour operators that one should use while traveling Africa.

Africa Adventure Safaris
Hoima Road, Nansana
Tel: +1-760-807-1456 (USA)
Tel: +256-701-106-004 (UGANDA)
Webiste: www.rwandagorillassafari.com

Active African Safaris
A: Entebbe Road After Kenjoy Super market
Najja Shopping Center Room L3B
T: +256-774-819-223
F: +15-708-071-273 (USA)
E: info@vacation-safaris.com
Website: www.vacation-safaris.com

African Jungle Adventures
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 772 561508
Email: info@rwandagorillasafaris.com
Website: www.rwandagorillasafaris.com

Africa Tours Adventure
Garden City,
Tel: +256 772 560 218
Email: info@gorillatreksinrwanda.com
Website: www.gorillatreksinrwanda.com

Budget Uganda Safaris
Najja House,
Najjanankumbi Stella, Kampala.
Tel: +256 792 187 888.
Email: info@budgetugandasafaris.com
Website: www.budgetugandasafaris.com

Engabi Tours and Travel
Parliament Avenue – Jinja Road
Eco Back Plaza
Kampala Uganda
Tell: +256 784470664
Email: info@gorillasafaridiscovery.com
Website: www.gorillasafaridiscovery.com

Experience Africa Safaris
Najja House,
Najjanankumbi stella, Kampala.
Tel: +256 712 172005
Email: info@safarisuganda.com
Website: www.safarisuganda.com

Go Gorilla Trekking
Najja House, Room 03B
Najjanankumbi Stella, Kampala
Tel: +256 772 561584
Email: info@gogorillatrekking.com
Website: www.gogorillatrekking.com

Wild Uganda Safaris
Plot 25 Nakiwogo, Entebbe,
Kampala, Uganda
Tel:+250 774 395 016
Web: www.wildugandasafaris.com

Gorilla Trek Africa
P.O. Box 22754 Kampala
Nansana, Kampala
Mobile: +256-782-186-562
Phone: +256-392 834 606
Email: info@gorillatrekafrica.com
Website: www.gorillatrekafrica.com

Gorilla Safaris Adventure
Najja House,
Najjanankumbi Stella, Kampala.
Tel: +256 700 785 751.
Email: info@gorillasafarisadventure.com
Website: www.gorillasafarisadventure.com

Gorilla Safari Travel
Room 03C Najja Shopping Centre
Entebbe Road, Kampala
Tel: +256 772 072909
Email: info@gorillasafari.travel
Website: www.gorillasafari.travel

Gorilla Trek Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: +250 784 294537
Email: info@gorillatrekrwanda.com
Website: www.gorillatrekrwanda.com

Gorilla Trekking Safaris
Entebbe Road, Najjanankumbi, Kampala
Phone: +256 701 595075
E-Mail: info@gorillatrekkingsafaris.com
Website: www.gorillatrekkingsafaris.com

Gorillaland Adventures
Namasuba, Entebbe Road, Kampala
Phone: +256 790 950850
Mobile: +256 790 950850
Email: info@gorillalandsafaris.com
Website: www.gorillalandsafaris.com

Lets Go Tours Rwanda
KN 5 Rd, Airport, Remera,
P.O Box 561
Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: +250 788 461913
Email: info@rwandasafariafrica.com
Website: www.rwandasafariafrica.com

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking
Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: +256-701728141
Email: info@rwandagorillatrekking.com
Website: www.rwandagorillatrekking.com

Safari Gorillas
Najja House,
Najjanankumbi Stella, Kampala.
Tel: +256 772 552 950.
Email: info@safarigorillas.com
Website: www.safarigorillas.com

Silverback Gorilla Tour
Freedom City,
Namasuba, Kampala.
Tel: +256 779 70 11 41
Email: info@silverbackgorillatour.com
Website: www.silverbackgorillatour.com

Ultimate Gorilla Expeditions
Remera Kigali Rwanda
Phone: +256 392 159498
Email: info@congogorillasafaris.com
Website: http://www.congogorillasafaris.com

Uganda Safari Adventure
Tel: +256 792 187 888
Email: info@ugandasafariadventures.com
Website: www.ugandasafariadventure.com

Rwanda Gorilla Trek

Address:P.O.Box 72583,Kampala Uganda
Najja Shopping Center, Ebb Rd.
Kampala , Room number 2C
Website: www.rwandagorillatrek.com
E mail:  info@rwandagorillatrek.com
Tel: +256 774819223/ 392159498

Uganda Safari Trail
Najja House,
Najjanankumbi Stella, Kampala.
Tel: +256 772 552 950.
Email: info@ugandasafaritrail.com
Website: www.ugandasafaritrail.com

Green World Safaris
Address:P.O.Box 72583,
Najja Shopping centre Room 031,
Entebbe road, Kampala – Uganda
Phone:256 414 696 498
Mobile: + 256 772 676 558
Email: info@greenworldsafaris.com
Website: www.greenworldsafaris.com

Rwanda Gorilla Adventure
Address :Najja Shopping Center, Ebb Rd.
Kampala Kampala
Website: www.rwandagorillaadventure.com
E mail:  info@rwandagorillaadventure.com
Tel: +256 777887173

Mission Africa Safaris
Address :Africa Shoppers Village
Sseguku Kampala
Website: www.silverbackgorillatours.com
E mail: office@silverbackgorillatours.com
Tel: +256 781451207

Wild Rwanda Safaris
Address :Musanze – Rwanda
Website: www.wildrwandasafaris.com
E mail: info@wildrwandasafaris.com
Tel: +250-781 463 985