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Kisoro town

Kisoro is located at the south western part of Uganda and is roughly 550 kilometres from Kampala city and borders Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the South and West, respectively. It also borders the Districts of Kanungu and Kabale in the North and East, respectively. The common means of travelling to Kisoro is through taking bus coaches. There are different bus companies that operate on the Kisoro-Kampala route. Some of these companies are; Jaguar, Bismarkan, Horizon the Post Bus to mention but a few. Most people tend to prefer taking the Post Bus which is regarded to be more comfortable. The journey from Kampala to Kisoro can take between 8 to10 hours. It is also very possible to get a car hire from tour operators although it is more costly.

Getting There

It can be accessed by road or by air. By road takes you approximately 460 km on tarmac road from Kampala to kabale and 80 km of murram road to Kisoro town. It’s an additional 13.5 km to the park gate. The road trip is recommended as it gives you a chance to view other wildlife, mostly birds as well as other attractions enroute, though a 4×4 car is strongly advised. Attractions that are found between the Kabale – Kisoro road would be the stretch of road along the scenic Lake Bunyonyi which is rumored to be the deepest in Africa, with its crystal clear waters and the Bamboo forest, in which a number of animals, mostly primates can be seen on the roadside.

For people travelling from abroad directly to Kisoro, flying to Kigali city in Rwanda is the best option. Kisoro is just 3 hours drive from Kigali which makes the road trip shorter compared to driving from Kampala.

Areas of interest

Local market

Tourist information center
The Mgahinga National park office opposite the Kisoro tourist hotel can provide information about the national park as well as other tourist attractions in the area. The local tourist information portal is also useful in getting ideas on how to explore different places in Kisoro district and surrounding places.