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There are many ways to plan your gorilla trekking tour to MgahingaNational Park. The free and cheapest way is to use our comprehensive website, and discover the easy way of planning your trip. Though Mgahinga National Park is a small national park, it is diverse and rich with amazing attractions. There fore you have to make decisions well in advance not on a trip. You will definately need to create a trip including which attractions and adventure activities to include in an itinerary, choose where to stay and look out for the best service provider.

Start planning your tour to Mgahinga National Park today with our free trip planning info. Here is all the information about planning a tour, how to reserve gorilla permits,  travel information & deals from our preferred travel partners.

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Visa & Passport

Make sure your passport is valid for about six months before traveling to Uganda for holidays or business. I would also recommend travel with photocopies of important travel documentation just in case you lose your passport before returning back home for replacement. Remember that all foreign visitors to Uganda need Visas and today Uganda visas can be applied and confirmed online.

The Uganda Visa cost of only $50 USD valid for a period of  90 days. But those planning to have longer stays in the country, can visit apply for long stay visas at the Uganda immigration offices in Kampala. There are many embassies in Uganda just in case one needs help from their home country including USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Libya, Nigeria, Algeria, China, Norway, Germany, France, United Kigdom, Turkey, South Africa,Iceland, Holy see, Italy , Japan and many others.

Plan your trip to the gorillas?

Here are some practical Tips and Advice to Guide You in Planning a Gorilla Tour in Africa.

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U.S. citizens do not need Visas for entry into Rwanda. However please be sure your passport if valid for 6 months after your intended departure and that you have plenty of blank visa pages. You will need a yellow fever vaccine.


The only inoculation that is 100% required is yellow fever. You must provide your yellow vaccination certificate when you enter the country. Strongly recommended are: anti-malarial medication and Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccines. Your vaccinations such as tetanus should be current. Please check www.cdc.gov, your doctor or a travel clinic. Your county health department may have a travel clinic or may be able to provide you inoculations at a cost significantly lower than private travel clinic.


After clearing customs and before departing the terminal, you will have the opportunity to change money. Please do so since it may be difficult to at a later time. Bring bills in good condition and dated 2003 or newer. You will need approximately $50.00 per day for your incidentals.

This depends on the amount of beverages you purchase and how much shopping you like to do. Ask for small bills because it is often difficult for the merchants to make change.

Traveler’s checks are almost useless in the bush however it is not a bad idea to tuck a couple away for an emergency. Surcharges may be added to your bill at lodges and hotels that accept credit card.


Flash photography is not allowed during your time with the gorillas. You will need fast film – 400 ASA or faster. If you use a digital camera, please familiarize yourself on how to set the ISO setting. In most cases a 135mm lens will be adequate. Video cameras are allowed. You will be able to re-charge batteries at your hotel. Please bring the appropriate converters. Bring extra batteries for digital and SLR cameras.


Bottled water is readily available in the vehicles and at the hotels and camps at nominal or no cost. Don’t drink the tap water even for brushing your teeth. At one time it was suggested that you give your empty water to the children but now it is thought that it encourages begging. If you want to, you can accumulate them and give them to your driver or the lodge staff. They will see to it that the children get them.


Following are some suggestions: T-shirts (especially ones for small children), baseball caps, writing paper, batteries – all sizes, flip-flops, clothing items for warmth, blankets, first aid items, and used children clothes in good condition.


Following are some suggestions: T-shirts (especially ones for small children), baseball caps, writing paper, batteries – all sizes, flip-flops, clothing items for warmth, blankets, first aid items, and used children clothes in good condition.


I find neck pillows an absolute necessity when traveling on long flights. They make it possible for you to sleep on the plane and during any long drives you may have during your tour.

Be careful of what you eat. “You should avoid possibly contaminated food, particularly seafood, unwashed vegetables, and fruits that are already peeled when they are served. In warm, tropical settings, also exercise caution in eating foods that can spoil from lack or proper refrigeration (such as salads containing mayonnaise, cream-filled pastries, heavy cream, and dairy products)”. I am particularly wary of dairy products and always verify that they are pasteurized.

In most destinations, there are Crafts Market, which you can visit and where you can purchase items to bring home

Take your own soap.


There are several books with information that you need to know about the places visited. The Best Bird Book for the region – Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa by Terry Stevenson and John Fanshawe. Available at Amazon.com

Other books:

Also the Lonely Planet Guide to East Africa has good background information. And, if you haven’t seen it, rent the movie Hotel Rwanda.