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All National Park tariffs indicated below are effective July 2024 through July 2028

News – A group of habituated mountain gorillas has returned from their long ‘exile’ across the border in Rwanda’s Parc de Volcanoes. Many of the gorillas in that border transcending ecosystem, nestled in the triangle between Congo DR, Rwanda and Uganda, migrate across international borders. The main body of the habituated group is now back in Uganda while only some females reportedly still lingering on the Rwandan side of the park. This development allows Uganda Wildlife Authority to once again sell gorilla tracking permits for the Mgahinga and relieve some of the pressure on Bwindi, where the bulk of the gorilla tracking takes place. It will also benefit tourism into the Kisoro area of Uganda, which in itself is one of the most scenic parts of the country and holds many more attractions interesting for tourists visiting the country.

Please note that for those wishing to track Gorillas in Uganda after 1st July 2007 their has been an increase in the permit price as reflected below:
Non resident: US$800-
East African Resident: US$700-
Uganda citizen (Uganda only): Ushs300,000-

 Gorilla Tracking Fee  Non-Resident  East African Resident  East Africans
 No persons under 15yrs  US$800-  US$700  Ush300,000-

Gorilla Permits:
For additional information on Gorilla Permits please read document ‘Gorilla Permits’

Direct telephone communication with the National Parks office in Kisoro is not possible. Gorilla permits can only be booked at UWA Office in Kampala.

No persons under 15 years of age may trek Gorillas

Gorilla tracking begins at 08.30. Arrive at least 30 mins prior to this for registration.

Rates do include park fee, guide fee, a certificate of trekking and community levy.

 Visitor Entrance Fees  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 Class – Category A  Visitation Fees US$  Visitation Fees US$  Visitation Fees Ush
 Adult  1 day/night – $40-  1 day/night – $20-  1 day/night – Ush5,000-
 Child (5-15 years)  1 day/night – $35-  1 day/night – $10-  1 day/night – Ush2,500-
 Child (0-5 years)  Free  Free  Free

Foreign Students with valid international identity cards are allowed 25% on entrance fees.
One days entrance is valid for twenty-four hours from the time of entrance.
All visitors will be required to produce valid ID’s in order to determine their resident status.

 Vehicle Entrance Fees  Foreign Registered  Uganda Registered
 N/A  N/A  N/A

Vehicle entrance is not applicable. Accommodation is available at the park entrance where you can safely leave vehicles. Accommodation and camping is available at the park entrance at the Community Campground. There are no camp sites within the park

 Guided Nature Walks  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 Up to 4 hours  US$10-  US$10-  Ushs5,000-
 Over 4 hours  US$15-  US$15-  Ushs10,000-


 Golden Monkey Tracking Fee  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
   $50-  US$50-  Ushs20,000-


 Virunga Volcano Climb  Non-Resident/Resident  East Africans
 1 day hike with guide  US$50- per person inc park fee  Ushs30,000- inc park fee

A Ranger/Guide is compulsory on all Virunga hikes. The hike fee includes the Guide fee.

 Caving Non-Resident/Resident  East Africans
 1 day hike with guide US$40- per person inc park fee Ushs20,000- inc park fee

Commercial Filming Fees:
Commercial filming permits need to be applied for in Kampala at the UWA offices before proceeding to Bwindi. The cost for this per day is US$200- per person per day. You do not need a filming permit for non professional Analogue Video or Digital Video.

Gorilla filming: Less than 3 days US$3,500; 3days US$5,000, above 3 days each additional day US$1,000 per day. (This excludes Gorilla tracking permits).