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How to Book Gorilla Permits in Uganda

How to Book Gorilla Permits in Uganda


Of course many are planning to be part of gorilla trekking in Uganda but the worry is how quick and easy can I book the trekking ticket. The cost of gorilla permits doesn’t worry visitors to Uganda since it’s the best gorilla safari alternative for most Rwanda gorilla safaris. Gorilla permits cost $600 a cheap option compared to Rwanda. Though gorilla permit prices in Rwanda are too high to $1500 per a trek, it’s a convenient point for most gorilla safaris in Uganda.

Travelers fly to Kigali international airport and then be able to track gorillas in Uganda in either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park in just a day or two and above.  If your interest is to explore only Rwanda and Uganda, you need a tourist visa to Rwanda and another for Uganda at a cost of $80-$30 for Rwanda visa & 50 for Uganda. But if you want to explore Kenya as well, it’s better to pay for the East Africa Visa that goes for only $100.Gorilla permits tend to be very scarce so if you intend to trek gorillas, you need to book them way back in advance in order to have a relaxing wonderful vacation. Below are the easiest ways of acquiring gorilla permits in Uganda.

Use Tour Operators

Uganda tour operators took their tour services providing only best in the interest of every one including gorilla permit booking. It’s very easy to secure your gorilla permit with a local tour operator making the trek even more appealing. All you need is to tell them your preferred dates, passport detail (Passport number, date of birth and date of expiry).The process continues to  transferring  gorilla permit funds-money to buy your permits and later you get emailed with a receipt confirming that your permits where secured. Later on the agreed date you will have your permits given to you with right dates for the long waited moment to be with gorillas. This has always been the simplest and easy way of booking gorilla permits in Uganda. For those booking in full package trips, tour operators fulfill their dreams and make your trip just what you have always imagined.

Book Through UWA

The Uganda Wildlife Authority -UWA a Uganda government body that manages all national parks is another point to book your gorilla permit with main offices in Kampala city Uganda’s Capital. Though securing gorilla permits has been quite tasking due to many perceptions but the truth is that once you write to UWA you will get the truth about permit availability and ways of securing yours. Looking at the history of mountain gorillas, it’s one of the most popular tourist activities in Uganda that attract people from various countries in the world.

How Trackers use gorilla permits

One needs a permit each day to track mountain gorillas in Uganda. It’s only the Uganda Wildlife Authority that issues permits for tracking gorillas in both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National park.During the peak season of June, July, August, September, December, January, and February its quite hard to secure gorilla permits due to the demand bust still those who book earlier experience the best in the most visited rain forests of south western Uganda.

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