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Gorilla Safari Companies

How to Choose the Best Gorilla Safari Company

How to Choose the Best Gorilla Safari Company

Gorilla Safari Companies ,

The highlights

  • Steps to follow when choosing the best gorilla company
  • Making constant communication between the client and the operators
  • Banking information
  • Have to be the members of Association of Uganda Tour Operators

Steps to follow when choosing the best Gorilla Safari Company

Did you finalize the planning of the gorilla safari? Did you decide when to go? If your answer   is yes, then choose the trusted company that will give you a successful tour safari that is memorable.

Now that you have decided to tour, it is time to know the best operator companies. Google by searching the tour operators in Africa that will bring you a list of all the safari companies and choose Africa Tours Adventure that will make your tour safari memorable.

In order to be sure, choose between 4-5 companies so that you can compare their credibility, they should be having physical address, the company directions on Google maps and you as a client should check the reviews on their platforms. The visitor should continue to get more information from the trip advisors.

Among the 4-5 companies you chose must be recognized and listed by the country under the respective bodies like Uganda Wildlife Authority, Rwanda Development Board and other government bodies.

Fill the form that has Names, address, country of origin and message body and then send an inquiry. Due to different time zones, the safari company should be able to reply within 24 hours.

The best company among the ones you chose should be able to send the package and quotations so that you can know which fits in your budget.  Check through the package whether it has accommodation, activities, transport and other options. Then after selecting your choice then confirm to the operators.

Choosing the best company is a bit difficult but among the 4-5 companies you chose , there is always the best especially the way they were replying your messages as well as suggesting the alternatives to make everything right. Then send the confirmation to the lucky one among the 4-5 companies you had chosen.

After the satisfaction as a client, then send the payments to the lucky company. This lucky company should be having an account where the money should be deposited and most these companies request 70% of the payments in order to book the accommodation, transport, gorilla permits and other services. According to the agreement with the lucky company, you may pay the other 30% of the payment by cash after the arrival or by bank wire transfer.

How to make your company the best in Uganda

Making constant communication between the client and the operators

A good gorilla company like Africa Tours Adventure will make sure it replies to the client’s inquiry in timely manner. The companies that replies the inquiries two days after aren’t good because you might be stuck somewhere without help just of the careless company, so as a client your choice is in your hands.

A good company operator should have the best guides who are able to give relevant information to the clients so that they are prepared about the activity to take mentally and physically.

Most staff members of Africa Tours Adventure are knowledgeable and professional due to trainings and so as a client you’re allowed to ask as many questions until your heart content. You can ask difficult questions about your safari destination that only a good Tour operator could know the answer and other more questions. As a client, you have a right to complain about the tour operators in case of your unsuccessful tour safari.

Banking information

To make your company the best one in over 700 companies in Uganda, You must have the banking account. This banking account must be having the company details in their names and the bank company accounts should be registered. Never send money to individual accounts. Always ensure that the company name is the one used as the bank name.

Have to be the members of Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO)

In Uganda there are over 700 companies that are licensed by the government but there are other companies that are not licensed or not the members of Association of Uganda Tour Operator though with websites. So as a client you are supposed to be so kin to choose the company that will fulfill your tour safari successfully.

Some companies have continued to steal tourist’s money mainly because they put themselves in the picture of being the best tour operators in Uganda, or being the best renowned tour company in the country. This is one of the challenges that clients face during the payments for the tour safari.

The government Tourism body in Uganda which is Uganda Wildlife Authority has not only put penalties to such companies but also searching for them in order to keep the safety of clients’ money. The government has went deep to get other companies that have copied the AUTO log and pressed it on their website. Clients are also advised to go ahead to contact AUTO members to check whether the company is registered as a partial or member of the association to be on a safer side.

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