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Golden Monkeys

Experience Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys

Experience Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys

Golden Monkeys

Mountain gorillas and golden monkeys are known as endanger species as listed by the World conservation Union, scientifically a golden monkey is known as (Cercopithecus Mitis kandti) and a mountain gorilla is known as (endangered  gorilla).  In Uganda gorillas are found in two national parks that’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mghinga Gorilla National Park.

Mgahinga inhabit both gorillas and golden monkeys and tracking these two giants can be safely conducted in this park, while in Rwanda these two endangered apes can be seen in the volcanoes national park which is located in Ruhengeri (Musanze district). Tracking the gorillas in Virunga or Bwindi ranks among the absolute highlight of African travel. The excitement attached to first setting eyes on a wild mountain gorilla is difficult to describe. These are enormous animals up to three times as bulky as the average man, their size exaggerated by a shaggily lush coat, yet despite their fearsome appearance, gorillas are remarkably peaceable creature, however meeting them in their natural habit is a great experience, the tracking should not present a serious physical challenge to any reasonably fit adult whatever their age, but the hike can be tough going depending on the gorilla family one tracked.

There are twenty gorilla families are available for tracking in Uganda 19 gorilla families in Bwindi and one group in Mgahinga national park though it’s prone to wandering off into Rwanda for long period. The Rwanda Volcanoes also houses twelve gorilla families all of which are ready to receive visitors on the daily basis, in both countries only 8 members are allowed to track in each gorilla group. The magical hour spent with the gorillas does not come cheaply. The cost is currently US$700 per person in Uganda and US$1500 in Rwanda including park entrance fee and ranger guide.

Same as golden monkey tracking the experience remains almost the same golden monkey is at US$ 50 in Mgahinga national park. Golden monkey are endemic to the Albertine Rift, they are characterized by a bright orange –gold body, cheeks and tail, contrasting with its black limbs, crown and tail end. In Mgahinga an estimation of about 300-400 live in the forest. They are frisky and nosy and often spend their time jumping from bamboo branches, on the forest floor towards the base of the volcanoes and they have overcome their original nervousness to accept their daily visit by researches and tourists. For primate lovers this is a great chance sharing the love of mountain gorillas with that of golden monkey in the same park is a thrilling experience one should not to miss when taking a safari to Uganda or Rwanda.

You can track gorillas on the first day and golden monkey on the next day if you’ve more days at the park. groups of these primate apes are opened to visitors every day, one group comprises of about 80-90 members and they live mostly at the base of  Mt. Sabyinyo, and the other group live at the base of Karisimbi it has about 60-80 members in Rwanda.

Tracking time for both gorilla and golden monkey tracking begins early in the morning after reporting at the park headquarters for short briefing about the whole process and also gets you assigned to the ranger guide. After,  follow the ranger guide to the forest to begin the activity, tracking time is also unpredictable however it can go from 1-8 hours depending on where they spent their last time from, tracking gears are a must pack when coming for golden monkey and gorilla tracking safari like study pair of walking shoes/ boots, long sleeved shirts or blouses, walking sticks are provided at the park headquarters, tracking these primate involves passing through thick and muddy forest,  but ounce they are met  you will forget all the difficulties you’ve passed through and utilize the one hour you are allowed to stay with them. For more information about gorilla and golden monkey tracking, permits, please contact us we will get back to you shortly.

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