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How To Get The Best From Your Gorilla Trek in Uganda

How To Get The Best From Your Gorilla Trek in Uganda

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Uganda is one of those few countries with the sought after huge primates the gorillas. Uganda has the subspecies of gorillas called the mountain gorillas. The mountain gorillas are the rarest species of gorillas in the world and these are only found in three countries that is Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo but Uganda has an upper hand in making a gorilla trekking expedition more exciting. The atmosphere of gorilla trekking in Uganda is very conducive and adventurous as Uganda has the most number of gorillas among the three nations and also has the most wanderlust habitat of gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Gorilla trekking is such a very physically and psychologically challenging and demanding tourism activities so one has to prepare for it to have best experience out of it and the following explains how one can go about gorilla trekking in Uganda to have a sublime experience.

Cultivate interest in gorilla trekking

At the first time when you think of gorilla trekking, try to get a reason as to why you have to go gorilla trekking of all tourism activities. This is done by finding out what benefits a gorilla trackers experience while interacting with the gorillas and also finding out what one needs to track gorillas in uganda. You can find this information on the internet as very many forums and individuals have written about the gorilla trekking experience.

Choose the right time to Go On a Gorilla Trek

Although gorilla trekking safaris are done throughout the whole year in Uganda, there are those times where you can best enjoy the experience. The sunny seasons are the best times to enjoy gorilla trekking since the forests are clear and also the trails that lead to the gorilla homes are dry enough and passable. Therefore choose the dry months in Uganda to trek the gorillas. The dry months in Uganda are June-mid October and mid December to end of February.

Organize the trip right

When you get the interest of trekking gorillas in their natural environment, make an effort and plan how you are going to travel to Uganda to see the gorillas. Identify the best way to visit Uganda that is either doing the booking of the gorilla permit, accommodation and other tourism facilities on your own or opt for using local tour operators to organize the trip on your behalf.

Make a budget for the trip

After making an inquiry of how much the gorilla trekking safari will cost. Make a projection of your real expenditure for the entire trip that is ticket fare, trip expenditure while in Uganda and other personal equipments that you will use on the trip.

Get all the necessary gorilla trekking equipment

Apart from wearing the right clothes and shoes for the gorilla trek, there are other valuable items that you should not forget. Insect repellents, sunscreens, enough water, waterproof camera bags and walking sticks are some of the most important to bring along. Depending on the weather, you can also consider packing poncho or rain jackets and a hat and other necessary items you might need for the weather conditions. The truth is that the mountainous regions may be cold and rainy and you need to be prepared for the conditions.

Uganda gorilla safaris are some of the most exciting if you are a nature person. Planning right for your trip is very important so that you can get the best out of your trip!

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