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See Mountain Gorillas Up Close

See Mountain Gorillas Up Close


There are several reasons as to why one should take a gorilla safari to Mgahinga National Park. Though there are many reasons seeing the gorillas up close and personal is the major reason as to why many wildlife enthusiasts have booked Uganda safaris and ventured into the wild of Africa. Mgahinga National Park is one of the few places which offer this amazing lifetime experience to the adventure seekers looking to meet the gorillas in the wild.

Have you ever visited the gorillas? I have been fascinated with gorillas ever since I was a child. When I was presented with the opportunity to travel and go on some gorilla tours, I did not hesitate before accepting the invitation. Though watching the gorillas in the zoo is fun, the experience of trekking through the dense tropical rainforests and meeting them in their natural homes, is a heart pounding, unexplainable lifetime moment.

Therefore when the idea of finally getting to see this wondrous animals up close and personal is much too good to pass up. I have to admit that I was anxious, but the local tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable to escort you on an informative and educational trek through the forest as you look for the endangered giants from the last known places where they were found. During the hike, be ready to move up hills through a dense foliage. This therefore means that trekkers need to be fit, to walk up muddy, steep mountain slopes for several hours.

Like in other gorilla trekking locations, only 8 visitors are allowed to track a particular habituated gorilla group in Mgahinga National Park. Though you can get the permits at the park, it is advisable to prebook the gorilla permits at the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Upon meeting the gorillas om the wild, you have up to one hour to watch the visited family as their do their routine normal work. It is advisable that you keep noise low and keep a distance of about 8 metres from the wild giants! Listening to your guide is very important during the hour! Though I felt I knew everything there was to know about these mammals, I found that I was still learning as I listened to these guides talk about the animals and their habitat. The first time I saw a gorilla in the wild, it was only feet from me, and there was no glass barrier. I was enthralled, and I knew then that no other experience could possibly live up to the one I was currently having. A gorilla tour is a fun, exciting, informative trip that anyone would have a good time attending.