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Go Golden Monkey Tracking in Mgahinga

Go Golden Monkey Tracking in Mgahinga


One of the best places to track golden monkeys in Africa is Mgahinga National Park, one of Uganda’s popular national park. Though most  travelers have opted to visit this park to track the golden monkeys, this park offers an awe inspiring moment of tracking the shy and fast moving golden monkeys. The park’s setting amidst the thick bamboos forest of Mgahinga National Park well as the forest being in the shadows of the 3 Virunga volcanoes in Uganda, make it one of the best scenic and photography tour you can take on a Uganda safari holiday. This kind of environment also provides a simply amazing backdrop to the tracking of the rare golden monkeys in their natural wild!

Mgahinga National Park offers t the lowest price for golden monkey tracking in Rwanda at only USD 50 per person and the trackers must be above 15 years of age.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the best place to track beautiful Golden Monkeys in the Bamboo Forests of Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

In the Mgahinga Gorilla Forest, Tracking Golden Monkeys like gorilla tracking and chimpanzee tracking in Uganda starts at 8 am with an orientation from the local guides who are to escort you along the hike. After getting briefed, set off in a small group with guides up into the Bamboo Forests in search of the Golden Monkeys and of course the other mammals you will see along with birds and the scenic setting of the park.

Golden Monkey are simply attractive looking monkeys with color, their playful ways, and since they have been habituated – they are used to seeing humans and do not scamper off as you approach a bit of advice is in taking pictures of the monkeys, they move rather quickly and you will need to set your camera on fast shutter speed and due to the bamboo forest on low light setting.

Viewing the Golden Monkeys is a rewarding experience and most find very enjoyable and Mgahinga National Gorilla Park is the best place to track them – most economical too.

Other Things to Do in Mgahinga National Park

Though Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a small park, there are several activities that can be carried out in the park

  • Gorilla Tracking – walks and treks through the forest tp see the rare and endangered mountain gorillas
  • Volcano Climbing – Choose from one day Volcano Climbing to multiple day hikes along several volcano ranges
  • the Batwa Forest Trail – Visit the Batwa, former forest dwellers, original people of the forest. Learn about the Batwa Pygmies, go for cave exploration, take nature trails.
  • Birding – Enjoy birding in Mgahinga, see forest birds and some of the rare birds only endemic to this tropical rain forest.