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Mgahinga Tariff: Entrance & Activity Fees | Mgahinga National Park
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Would you like to plan a trip to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park? Here are the park entrance fees and activity fees for different groups of visitors looking to explore Mgahinga National Park.

Comprehensive Guide to Visitation Fees

Activity (Charges per person) Non-Residents
(US Dollars)
East African Residents
(US Dollars)
East African Citizens
Rest of Africa
(US Dollars)
Gorilla Tracking $800 $700 UGX 300,000 $500
Golden Monkey Tracking $60 $50 UGX 40,000 $50
Nature Walk (Day Walk) $30 $15 UGX10000 $10
Volcano Climbing or Hiking $80 $70 UGX50,000 $70
Platform Walk $10 $10 UGX10,000 $10
Gorge Walk $30 $15 UGX15,000 $15
Guided Short Nature Walks for Children $5 $5 UGX10000 $5
Children Scouts – Adventure Activities $10 $10 UGX20000 $10
Batwa Forest Experience $80 $70 UGX50,000 $70
Park Entrance Fee Adult







UGX5,000 (Children)

UGX3,000 (Pupils or Students)

UGX5,000 (Tertiary Institutions)

UGX2,000 (Uganda Wildlife Clubs)

The following groups will receive free admission to protected areas:

  • All children under five years of age
  • People living in the vicinity of the protected area who have permission from the Warden In-Charge

Important Information to Know

Gorilla Trekking is reserved for tourists who are 15 Years and above.

All gorilla permit bookings must be made in Kampala. If you are outside Uganda, you should place your booking through a local tour operator.