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Gorilla trekking is undoubtedly the most memorable experience that comes once in a life time. Despite the fact that a lot of information has circulated around on the critically endangered mountain gorillas, what they are, where they live, how they reproduce, what they feed and all the process it takes to book gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo, this article however, intends to present to you the tips or advice on how to have a life time gorilla trekking adventure in any of the three destinations while leaving endless smiles, joy to those who wholly involved in the planning or organizing and making your gorilla tour encounter a success.

There has been ongoing debate among trekkers and other travelers about when and when not to tip and this has undoubtedly become most challenging to many travelers on a safari to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. It is a customary to tip your driver guide of site guides, cooks, porter, waitress, waiter and many others that offer exceptional service to you while you are on your mountain gorilla trekking safari. It can be $5 per trek and it can seem small and yet it impacts it on their lives. The tip that you supports several things and activities including school fees, food, clothing, health and many more for several families that offer your tip. Let it not be big or small but thank them for the quality of service. Though it is not essential to tip the guides who take you around the national parks and other wildlife reserves, it is encouraged to do so and the money that you offer to such a person is highly appreciated as it supports their lives.

Tipping on Gorilla SafariTipping on your Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo gorilla trek is highly accepted but it is shouldn’t be a must that tourists on their mountain gorillas safaris must tip however its recommendable for all interested tourists to do so. Tipping is just recognition and enjoyment of a good service delivered to you by waiter, ranger guide, waitress, driver guide or local community member who does something good to you and as such, tourist can tip based on her or his own willingness but what is provided below is just guidance tipping advice to help you not to over appreciate or under appreciate the quality of service offered to you while on your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

Tips to tour driver guides is permitted and greatly recommended because a driver guide will be your immediate conduct person right from the first day of your trek to the final day. He is the one in control of transferring you from Kampala, Kigali or Congo areas of stay to and from gorilla trekking destinations of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Park. You can be four in a group or more, you can decide to thank your driver guide by offering him around $5 to $20 per person and this can be done on the final day of gorilla safari. If you are alone or two visitors, you can agree to tip according to what your hearts allows you putting in consideration the level of service the guide delivered to you.

Tips to park guides are vital as these individuals are they ones to direct or take you throughout the trekking process in the thick vegetation, steep slopes, slippery and muddy trails to look out for the mountain gorillas in the wild. You can leave behind at least five to fifteen dollars in a group of eight trekkers and this should be left in the central tipping box in the park headquarters or else you can hand it directly to the guide. If you hire a porter to assist you carry the hiking equipment in the course of the trek, recall to offer something from two to three dollars on top of the fifteen dollars paid for hiring a porter.

As well, don’t leave the lodge where you spent a night, restaurants, hotels or any other places where you may be given warm service from. You can choose to tip between three to five dollars per stay or drop in the centre tipping box such that they share amongst themselves. If you are touched by their service, you can offer your tip directly to that waiter or waitress. While doing this, remember that there are other workers also who may deserve to be thanked.

In conclusion, in case it occurs that you go with a porter for your gorilla trekking adventure, remember that an extra tip on top of $15 paid for him for hire is appreciated. Anything from two to three dollars or more is welcome. However, note that tipping guidelines differ from company to company. Tipping is not a must but greatly encouraged while you are on your gorilla trekking tour to Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. A Ugandan Rwandan and Congolese will be grateful for your tip in whatever currency you offer him or her.