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Best Gorilla Safari Ideas for Luxury Travelers Visiting Uganda

Uganda was nicknamed the “pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill in 1902 because it is home to half of world’s mountain gorillas, 50% of birds in Africa, rich plant life, insects, reptiles, beasts, and the natural beautiful lakes, rivers and snow capped Rwenzori mountains. Add in the diverse culture of more than 55 indigenous tribes […]

How To Get The Best From Your Gorilla Trek in Uganda

Uganda is one of those few countries with the sought after huge primates the gorillas. Uganda has the subspecies of gorillas called the mountain gorillas. The mountain gorillas are the rarest species of gorillas in the world and these are only found in three countries that is Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo but […]

Tip For A Successful Self Drive Safari To Mgahinga National Park

Self-drive safaris are becoming popular activities for visitors with in Uganda. Despite of the many challenges that tourists face especially during first time driving in Uganda due to old cars, insecurity, poor and narrow roads, among others. Uganda has been one of the countries in Africa that have diverse bio-conservation areas offering various activities to […]